Buy Lawn Fertilizer For The Entire Year and SAVE MONEY

SaleScottFertilizerScott’s (4 step) fertilizer plan is available now at Eisele’s Garden Center.

Pick up an Eisele Lawn Program hand-out at the Garden Center. Our experts have written a month by month program to ensure a beautiful lawn. The Eisele program includes Scott 4 step Fertilizing.

Buy all four bags now for substantial savings. #1 Seeding, #2 Weed Control, #3 Lawn Food and #4 Fall.

These bags are located in the shop, where the $20 mail-in rebate from Scott’s is available. See our friendly cashiers for details!

BULB TIP  Daffodils and tulips are finishing up their annual display of color. You may be tempted to cut the plant back to the ground. But don’t! You should clip off the dead flowers but leave the foliage to dry up on its own. Photosynthesis takes place and the energy goes back into the bulb for a repeat performance next year.