Deer Resistant, Part Shade Shrubs

A question we hear often at Eisele’s Nursery is: Which shrubs will grow in part shade and are safe from hungry deer?  Eisele’s Nursery has many options for you to choose from. Below are some of our recommendations:

Leucothoe is a beautiful native shrub. It flowers in spring with clusters of fragrant white urn-shaped flowers all along the branch. The new leaves are bronze, which turn to dark green in the summer, then purplish in the fall. It will grow 3’ tall x 5-6” wide.

Green Giant Arborvitae is a fast growing pyramidal coniferous evergreen.  It grows to a height of 25’ to 30’. A popular choice for hedges.

Otto Luyken Cherry Laurel has lush, glossy, dark green leaves.  It grows to 3 – 4’ high x 6 – 8‘ wide.  This is such a useful shape and size in planting design. In the spring, white flowers appear for a couple of weeks. Later on in the season, small blackish berries show up.  This is a very attractive and practical shrub for your garden.

Schipka Laurel grows 6 to 12’ tall. Also has white flowers and dark berries.

Boxwoods are a good choice for partially shaded sites. These evergreen are a beautiful backdrop for light blooming plants. Boxwoods grow to 15‘ tall.

Japanese Aucuba is an evergreen shrub that grows 6’ to 10’ tall. It has attractive yellow and green leaves which becomes brighter in shade. It produces attractive flowers and fruit if a male plant is nearby.

Pieris Japonica also known as Andromeda is a lovely choice for your shade garden. The foliage changes color through the season. In late summer or early fall, long dangling clusters of flowers buds appear. These buds open into white blossoms in spring. It grows to 10’ tall and has a natural attractive shape.

Russian Cypress is a low, spreading ground cover for shady areas. It grows to about 1’ tall and spreads to 5‘ to 6’. Perfect under trees or any partially shaded area. This soft needle evergreen changes color in fall and looks great all year.

These are just a few suggestions. Come take a walk through Eisele’s expansive nursery and discover many more wonderful plants. Our experts are here to help you choose the best shrubs or trees for your specific garden needs. Looking forward to your visit!