Plan Out Your Garden The Right Way

Our Standing Do-It-Yourself Deal

Eisele’s Nursery offers exclusive designing for your yard!

Simply take some pictures of the area you would like to have designed, get some measurements, make an appointment, and let the Eisele’s do the rest!

We know our customers are wondering, what exactly should we do? Well, here are some FAQs and Guidelines:

How should we take the pictures?

Pictures can be best taken from a pan-view of the area you want designed. If there are smaller, more hidden areas, please include sizeable images as well. These pictures are what our whole design is based on!

Can you view the pictures from a phone?

We preffer not to use electronic devices to scale our designs. Printed pictures (best on computer paper [8″X11″]) are easiest, and more compatible with our techniques of sketching your yard.

Do we have to measure EVERYTHING?

Measurements are the keystone to our planning, so every detail is helpful in choosing the best fitting tree or shurb. We would appreciate it if measurements could be recorded in feet and inches.

Should we be concerned with animals?

Animals are good to note, since we do carry special ‘Deer Resistant’ plants, as well as organic animal repellents. From years of experience, Eisele’s knows the best plants for your specific needs!

What other important information should we include for our appointment?

It would be best if the sun exposure (North, South, East, or West) is disclosed during the appointment, in addition to the appoximate amount of hours the area gets. These are all factors in choosing a tree or shrub that will sustain the best in your yard!