What to do for your Garden during late winter record warmth

What should you do to help your garden during this late winter record warmth?

Flower-Buds-Spring-Cherry-Buds-Leaf-Buds It seems like spring is here…

But it’s not. Really.

We at Eisele’s would like to tell you that there’s something you can do to get ready for the season, but despite the record warm temperatures of the last week, there is really nothing that could be done.

In this warm weather, flowering and fruiting trees might flower early; If you owned an orchard and your livelihood depended on the fruit you could install giant fans on cold nights, but for most of us, there is really nothing that could be done. Your trees might not produce as much fruit this year but other than that they should be fine.

As for Eisele’s, we are getting ready for Spring. We’ll be opening during 2nd or 3rd week of March…either the 8th or 15th.

And we’re getting ready for our big sale which will be the 25th and 26th March.

Hope you’re having a great winter and are ready for a beautiful spring.