Some Winter Prep!

Turf Builder Winterguard Lawn FoodCome into the Nursery and pick up some Winterguard for your lawn to get it ready for the weather ahead.

We also have Wilt Pruf both in a Concentrate form as well as a Ready To Use Spray. Wilt Pruf should be used to coat your shrubs in mid to late Wilt PrufNovember come in and stock up now.

October Savings!

Our October Coupons are here and the saving are so good it’s almost spooky!

Present any of these coupons upon checkout in our store to receive a discount. Offers cannot be combined.


June Savings

Eisele’s Nursery and Garden Center

Would Like To Extend Special Offers To Our Customers This June!


Present the following coupons upon checkout at the register to receive discounts on your purchases.



A Mother’s Day Thank You

All of us here at Eisele’s would like to extend the warmest of thank yous to our amazing customers for making this Mother’s Day Weekend a beautiful one for all who worked it. We hope that you had a wonderful weekend filled with family and celebration of the women in your lives.

Our online Mother’s Day coupons are still valid through this weekend!



Rudy, Kevin, Emil, Chris and Rick Eisele

A Lawn Program To Trust

Lawn Program

March 1st- May 15th

  • Aerate lawn- use a power rake, spiker, cavex rake
  • Re-seed where necessary
  • Apply high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Apply lime every year (average rate 25lbs per 1000 sq. ft.)
  • Apply crabgrass control (if not re-seeding)
  • Apply grub control
  • If using the Scotts 4 Step program for seeding pick up an extra bag of Step 4 to fertilize in April before putting Step 1 down on May 1st.

April 15th- May 30th

  • Apply weed killer (if weeds are present)
  • Check for fungus (apply fungicide as a preventative or as a curative control)

June 1st- July 1st

  • Apply fertilizer
  • Apply insect control (for chinch bug, sod web worm, and lawn moths)

August 1st- September 15th

  • Apply weed and crabgrass killer

August 15th- October 15th

  • Aerate lawn
  • Re-seed where necessary
  • Apply fertilizer at a heavy rate
  • Apply chinch bug killer (only if insects are present)
  • Apply grub control

October 15th-November 30th

  • Apply fertilizer at a heavy rate

Notes to Keep Your Lawn at Its Best:

  • Grass should be cut at least once a week at an average heights of 1″ to 2″. Clippings must be caught or cleaned up the same day.
  • Watering should start when first warm weather comes, usually in May. Make sure to water after a week of no rain. Deep waterings are the best for an established lawn, usually 1 to 3 times a week. Newly seeded lawns should be watered twice a day, lightly so that the seed does not wash away.
  • Thatching should be done at least once every 2 to 3 years to remove buildup of thatch. A power rake does a fine job in removing the thatch.

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A Thank You To Our Customers

Eisele’s would like to extend a very big Thank You to all of our customers who joined us at our annual sale this past weekend!

What a way to kick off our 80th season with the best prices we can offer to our amazing customers.

Thank you to everyone who came out on the slightly chilly Saturday morning and we hope to see you as the days get warmer.




March 23rd & 24th Tree and Evergreen Clearance Sale

40% TO 80% OFF!


Many varieties of Evergreens to choose from…Azaleas, Blue Spruce, Andromeda, Rhododendrons, Holly, Taxus, Hemlock, Juniper…and many more…too many to list!

Sale starts 8AM, Saturday, March 23rd  & 9AM Sunday, March 24th , 2019.

Come Saturday for best selection! Guided parking begins Saturday at 7:30am.

Believe it or not even with snow on the ground it is a great time to plant. The ground is wet and warm from our late winter record heat and snow actually insulates the ground. Even if your yard is still snow covered shrubs can be stored on the north side of the house and planted as soon as the ground is clear.


Don’t forget to pick up some Holly-Tone organic fertilizer and fertilize as soon as you can after clearing out last falls debris from the flower beds. hillside with tree and evergreen clearance sale items

Wake Up and Smell the Pine!

Eisele’s Nursery is proud to present hand-made grave blankets!

In remembrance of your passed loved ones, come down to purchase our beautifully made grave blankets, available in  various shapes and sizes!

Cross shaped grave blanket


We offer pre-made blankets, lined all throughout the front property. With accessories such as bows, pine cones, figurine presents, and false poinsettias!

Want to make your grave blanket a little more personal? Just ask one of our associates! Our crafting team is glad to help make your grave blanket exactly how you want it!

Hand-made bows, accessories, and brush can all be customized to your liking! Within a short period of time, your grave blanket will be ready for pickup. Can’t make it right away? No problem! we can hold your grave blanket

Basic shaped grave blanket

until you can get it! Customer convenience is our top priority!

Come on in for our also, hand-crafted wreaths! With similar accessories and holiday cheer, Eisele’s wants your holiday season to be filled with peace, laughter, and a lot of color!

Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year!

At Eisele’s we have a large selection of decor and Christmas necessities:  afforable, and local!

We carry assortments of false trees, lighted and unlighted!

Eisele’s also has string lights, in multicolor, white, and various sizes, all part of out beautiful Christmas display! Replacement light bulbs, false candles, tree toppers, numerous hooks/outlet extention cords, and lots more can all be found in the shop!

Since the holidays are here, commemorate your passed loved ones with beautiful hand-made, specialty grave blankets!

Choose your ribbon, accessories, and style, located in the back of the shop! We are supportive of our customers, and wish to make their holiday season even more cherishable!

Custom wreaths are also feasible for purchase. We offer simple premade wreaths that you can choose how to design. Just ask one of our associates to help!

Don’t have time to design your own wreath or grave blanket? That’s ok! Eisele’s offers premade wreaths and grave blankets for our busy customers!

Eisele’s wishes you the Happiest Holidays and Joyful New Year!