Glorious Hydrangeas

Showing off at Eisele’s Nursery & Garden Center are glorious hydrangeas that will transform your landscape.  Bursting with color, these magnificent plants will surely turn heads.

We stock many dwarf hydrangeas, which never need pruning. These smaller plants don’t get much taller than 3 feet while boasting full-size, long-lasting blooms. They are practically maintenance free, and mildew and disease resistant. Continue reading

Spring is Here and It’s Time to Plant

Plants are budding and spring is here.

Holly-Tone Plant Food is for acid-loving plants, such as hollies, azaleas, camellias, evergreens, hydrangeas, dogwoods, blueberries, strawberries and rhododendrons.With this early warm weather and the dry fall we had last year, gardens, shrubs and lawns will benefit from a heavy spring spreading of fertilizer. Use a good organic fertilizer like Holly Tone Organic Fertilizer (available at Eisele’s Garden Center, of course). Unlike most fertilizers for established plants and tree,  you don’t have to mix this fertilizer into the surface soil.

Since it’s been a wet spring, there’s no need to drag out the water hoses.

We didn’t get a lot of snow this winter, but plenty of rain. Nature helped us replenish our reservoirs. They are practically full so we can hopefully count on plenty of water throughout the growing season with no watering restrictions. In fact the state Department of Environmental Protection to officially lift the drought warning Wednesday that had been in place in 12 counties since October. (Details at

You probably won’t need to water in North Jersey until June.Don’t overwater as it’s unhealthy for the plant. Watering when your plants aren’t dry often does more harm than good as it creates a shallow root system. The exception to not watering, of course, is when you plant a tree or shrub.

And speaking of planting:

All brand new fresh flowers, shrubs and trees at Eisele’s. Come on in because

Spring is here and it’s time to plant

Planting in the Snow

Even with snow on the ground it is a good time to plant northern New Jersey. Thanks to the warm weather we had in February and early March the ground is barely frozen. Despite our recent cold, the snow actually provides insulation and keeps the cold from getting down far into the ground. Adding to the warm ground, growing  roots actually create heat.

To get you started in the season, Eisele’s is open and our annual plant sale on Saturday March 25th from 8-6 and Sunday March 26th from 9-5. Our plant sales is a great time to pick up plants. More details on our plant sale.

When planting in general but especially this time of year fertilization is key. For North Jersey Eisele’s usually recommends Espoma Holly-tone® with natural organics which break down slowly for steady, continuous feeding and contains Bio-tone® microbes which adds organic matter to soil.

All of your plants should be fertilized in the Spring (and Fall).

So come on in to our plant sale and start planting.

March 25th & 26th Tree and Evergreen Clearance Sale

tree in bloom40% to 80% off.


Many varieties of Evergreens to choose from…Azaleas, Blue Spruce, Andromeda, Rhododendrons, Holly, Taxus, Hemlock, Juniper…and many more…too many to list!

Sale starts 8AM, Saturday, March 25th  & 9AM Sunday, March 26th.

Come Saturday for best selection! Guided parking begins Saturday at 7:30am.

Believe it or not even with snow on the ground it is a great time to plant. The ground is wet and warm from our late winter record heat and snow actually insulates the ground. nursery from above

What to do for your Garden during late winter record warmth

What should you do to help your garden during this late winter record warmth?

Flower-Buds-Spring-Cherry-Buds-Leaf-Buds It seems like spring is here…

But it’s not. Really.

We at Eisele’s would like to tell you that there’s something you can do to get ready for the season, but despite the record warm temperatures of the last week, there is really nothing that could be done.

In this warm weather, flowering and fruiting trees might flower early; If you owned an orchard and your livelihood depended on the fruit you could install giant fans on cold nights, but for most of us, there is really nothing that could be done. Your trees might not produce as much fruit this year but other than that they should be fine.

As for Eisele’s, we are getting ready for Spring. We’ll be opening during 2nd or 3rd week of March…either the 8th or 15th.

And we’re getting ready for our big sale which will be the 25th and 26th March.

Hope you’re having a great winter and are ready for a beautiful spring.

Free ph test for your soil

The Eisele Garden Center also offers a FREE ph test. Just bring us a full disposable coffee cup of your soil. If you are concerned about different areas of your yard, you could dig more than one sample. Improving the organic balance and proper level of acidity in your soil will increase the health of your plants. Many plants prefer a neutral ph level, but some, like Azaleas, thrive on acidic soil, so it’s great to get the advice of experts at the Eisele Garden Center.

Need help with an unhealthy plant?

The experts at the Eisele’s Nursery and Garden Center can diagnose the problem and suggest a healthy remedy. Bring in a branch of your suffering plant, ideally showing healthy and infested or diseased parts. Our experts have years of experience identifying pests and diseases. There are plenty of organic remedies available for unhealthy plants before prescribing pesticides.


Let’s get planting!

It’s the perfect time to stock up on your favorite shrubs, perennials and annuals at Eisele’s Nursery. We have enjoyed hot days and cool nights, which is an ideal climate for planting

If you are purchasing new perennials, shrubs or trees, it is so important to establish a great root system the first year. The trick to successful watering is to keep the water supply as consistent as possible. The Eisele experts recommend: Continue reading