Spring is at the Door!

With the arrival of spring just knocking at the door, we at Eisele’s Nursery and Garden Center wat to help you keep your plants ready for the heat!

With the impending rain, it is best NOT to lay any fertilizer down

We recommend waiting until the heavy rain has ended, sometime around mid-April

If you haven’t already, check out the products we have in the shop! Ranging from plant foods and fertilizers to decor and novelty items our shop has anything you may need for this upcoming spring!


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Planting in the Snow

Even with snow on the ground it is a good time to plant northern New Jersey. Thanks to the warm weather we had in February and early March the ground is barely frozen. Despite our recent cold, the snow actually provides insulation and keeps the cold from getting down far into the ground. Adding to the warm ground, growing  roots actually create heat.

When planting in general but especially this time of year fertilization is key. For North Jersey Eisele’s usually recommends Espoma Holly-tone® with natural organics which break down slowly for steady, continuous feeding and contains Bio-tone® microbes which adds organic matter to soil. Fertilize as soon as ground is clear and the fall’s debris has been cleared away.

All of your plants should be fertilized in the Spring (and Fall).

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BULB TIP  Daffodils and tulips are finishing up their annual display of color. You may be tempted to cut the plant back to the ground. But don’t! You should clip off the dead flowers but leave the foliage to dry up on its own. Photosynthesis takes place and the energy goes back into the bulb for a repeat performance next year.